POPBeamer · The Mail Collector

POPBeamer is a POP3 and IMAP Connector for Microsoft Exchange

Works with:

Any version of Microsoft Exchange server including Small Business Server and Office 365
Any SMTP server like IMail, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise


IMAP Instant Delivery with zero latency
POP3 download frequency from 1 minute to 999 minutes
No 10MB message size limit
No need for a static IP address; works with dynamic IP addresses
No need to hassle with ETRN and DNS
Shares one mailbox for a whole company
Runs as a service
Available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish


Supports OAuth2 with Google GMail
Supports OAuth2 / Modern Authentication with Microsoft Graph (O365/Outlook.com/Hotmail.com)
Downloads messages from Google GMail IMAP
Scans messages using a third-party virus scanner
Leave messages on the server
Deletes large messages from the server without downloading
Uses SSL/TLS for encrypted messages download
Can be used with XWall for spam protection
How POPBeamer works

At scheduled intervals POPBeamer connects to the POP3 or IMAP mailbox and downloads the new messages.

POPBeamer scans the message downloaded for valid e-mail addresses depending on the mailbox settings. All e-mail addresses are compared against the Exchange server addresses and if a recipient resides on the Exchange server, the message will be sent to her or him.

If there is a problem with a message that POPBeamer can't process, the messages will be sent the person who is responsible for POPBeamer and so no message is lost.


Start Setup.exe or create a directory on your machine and copy all the files into this directory

Start MBAdmin.exe to configure POPBeamer

The first time you run POPBeamer you will be prompted for the following information:

Postmaster's address

The address of the person who is responsible for maintaining POPBeamer. POPBeamer will send all error messages and undeliverable messages to this address.

Send Messages to Host

The name or IP address of the Exchange server. If POPBeamer is running on the same machine as the Exchange server than you can use localhost.

For every POP3 or IMAP mailbox that POPBeamer should scan, you need to create a mailbox in File->New POP3 mailbox or File->New IMAP mailbox.

POPBeamer needs to know the mailbox, the password and the server (host) where the mailbox resides

POPBeamer also needs the to know which e-mail address the message(es) should be forwarded to

If you select Auto Detect , POPBeamer will try to get the recipient from the header of the message. In case POPBeamer can not find a valid recipient in the header, it will forward the message to the postmaster.

The method can be changed in View->Options->Verify and the methods are:

Domain List

This option works with all versions of Exchange server as long as your Exchange server is responsible for the whole domain. If you own your own domain, then this method should be used. Do not forget to add your domain to the Domain List in View->Domain List

Address List

This option works with all versions of Exchange server, but the Address List needs to be updated every time an address is changed.

This can be done manually in View->Address List or by importing the addresses from Exchange or AD using ExchImp or LDAPImp


This option requires an Exchange v5.x and it does not work on an Exchange 2000-2019. The VRFY command needs to be enabled for the Internet Mail Service.

By default the VRFY is disabled, because it can be uses to query your e-mail addresses. However, due the fact that a DUN connection is usually used, there should be no risk in enabling this.

Note: The Exchange server threats a Custom Recipient the same way as a mailbox. It makes POPBeamer thinking the user is on your server, whereas in fact it is somewhere on the Internet. If you have Custom Recipient, then you should use the Address List option, because then you have full control over the addresses.

Special note for Exchange 2007-2019

On Exchange 2007-2019 you need to enable Anonymous user access on the Hub or POPBeamer can't send to Exchange.

In Exchange 2007/2010 start Exchange Management Console and select Server Configuration->Hub Transport->Receive Connectors->Default Connector->Permission Groups and enable Anonymous users.

In Exchange 2013-2019 start Exchange Admin Center and select Mail Flow->Receive Connectors->Default Connector->Security and enable Anonymous users.

Or you tell POPBeamer an user and password so that it can logon onto Exchange. Start MBAdmin, select Options->General->Exchange->Exchange needs authentication and type in the user and password.

Note: The user that you use for authentication MUST NOT have a mailbox and MUST be an administrator. DO NOT use Administrator, because there is a mailbox associated with that account and therefore it can't be uses for SMTP authentication.


If you have a cluster then you must run POPBeamer on a different machine, because POPBeamer doesn't support a cluster.

System Requirements

Windows 2003-2022 or Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Linux with WINE

Microsoft Exchange server, Lotus Notes, IMail, Novell GroupWise or any other SMTP server

Run POPBeamer as a service

Once you run POPBeamer as a service, errors will only be visible in the logfile or in the main window of MBAdmin. Consequently, before running it as a service you must first ensure that POPBeamer is running properly with no errors by launching it in Console Mode (i.e. starting it from an icon).

In general, installing POPBeamer as a service should be your last task and not your first.

Note: Keep in mind that POPBeamer needs to reside on a local disk or the service controller will not be able to start it. Also make sure MBAdmin.exe and MBServer.exe are in the same directory.

Install the service using the GUI

Start MBAdmin, select View->Service and here you can install, remove, start and stop the service. By default it is an AutoStart service and any time your computer is started, POPBeamer will start.

Note:After you have started POPBeamer as a service, verify that POPBeamer has no errors. You need to take a look into the logfile to do this or start MBAdmin and in the main window you see the logfile.

Install the service from the command line

Open a DOS box and change to the directory where POPBeamer is installed (usually C:\POPBeam or C:\Program Files\POPBeamer)

Installing POPBeamer as a service

Start MBServer.exe with the argument of install, by typing

MBServer install

at the command prompt and POPBeamer will create the service. By default it is an AutoStart service and any time your computer is started, POPBeamer will start. You can start and stop POPBeamer at any time via Control Panel

Note: After you have started POPBeamer as a service, verify that POPBeamer has no errors. You need to take a look into the logfile to do this or start MBAdmin and in the and in the main window you see the logfile.

Removing POPBeamer as a service

Start MBServer.exe with the argument of remove, by typing

MBServer remove

at the command prompt and POPBeamer will delete the service.

How to Stop POPBeamer

POPBeamer runs as a console application


Select Close from the system menu

Press Alt-F4

POPBeamer runs as a service

Open Control Panel, select Services, locate POPBeamer and press the button labeled Stop


net stop POPBeamer

at the command prompt

Upgrade to the Latest Version

You will find the latest version of POPBeamer in the Download Center

setup_popbeamer_??.exe searches for a previously installed POPBeamer and updates only the executable files. The settings, which are stored in popbeam.ini and *.dat, are not touched.

If the POPBeamer service is running, it is stopped and restarted after the update. In the unlikely event that a executable is locked, the setup program asks for a reboot to change the file. If you refuse the reboot, you need to manually reboot later to bring the new executable into affect.

Note: If you are upgrading from a very old version then you must reapply your registration number.

Helper Programs

Signal is a command line program that allows you to perform the same commands as from the Signal menu of MBAdmin. You can force sending of outbound messages by simply clicking on a link rather than starting MBAdmin.

LogView allows you to view the logfile in real time from any machine on your network. This is especially useful if MBServer runs as a service.

ExchImp is a command line program to import Exchange E-mail addresses into datauser.dat

LDAPImp is VBScript to import AD E-mail addresses into datauser.dat

Licensing Agreement

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The licensor reserves the right to terminate this license if the licensee violates any part of the agreement. The licensee agrees to make copies of the program only for backup purposes. The licensee agrees not to copy the documentation and to take all necessary precautions to ensure that the backup copies of the software are not distributed to or acquired by other parties.

License: You need one license for every running POPBeamer (MBServer.EXE) and user count or mailbox count does not matter. Usually this means you need one license for your whole company.

Support: Basic support by e-mail is free of charge

Upgrades, Updates: Updates are free, as long as the major version number does not change. (at present the major version number is v3.x)


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  • Chg: OpenSSL updated to v3.1.1
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